Hong Kong


Somewhere tucked away deep in my heart is a precious place called Hong Kong.

After a three and a half hour flight, I was surrounded by pastels and plenty.

Plenty of food, people, signs and buildings.

Prior to this trip, I felt that three days would be sufficient. But as I began to plan, I knew I had miscalculated some things. I must return to Hong Kong. It’s raining today, which reminds me of my three days in Hong Kong. This also explains the lack of pictures I took on my trip–rain and cameras don’t mix well. What you see here is pretty much all I have. Instead I was more involved in my trip.

I’m still craving the dim-sum from Tim Ho Wan. I found refuge from the downpour at a cozy tea shop called Hollywood Tea Gallery. I was hosted by Virginia and treated to a lovely taste-testing session. I haven’t found anything like this experience in Seoul. When I was researching for this trip, I asked the Twitter travel community via Lonely Planet for some advice on where to get tea. Many suggestions led me to try Hong Kong’s famous pantyhose milk tea at Lan Fong Yuen. I also recommend trying their yin yeung (tea+coffee).

Aside from stuffing my face (a sign of a good trip, in my opinion), I got lost, I went up to the peak for a very foggy city view, found the giant rubber duck, and imagined being part of the cast in Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express when I explored the famous Chungking Mansions.



000032(above: pantyhose tea)