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What’s in their Bag?

My boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law were visiting Seoul for the last month. During their stay, they managed to replace the post office for a majority of their family members. With each visit, they generously received something else to add to their suitcases. Good thing they didn’t pack much on their way here.

I was really curious to see what exactly would be packed in the bags, so we set everything out.


For the Man


1. 5 pounds of homemade Miyok

2. button up shirts from the street markets

3. wooden logs for health (good for massaging parts of your body)

4.Wormwood Moxibustion devices

5. Man Bag

6. 고스톱 or Stop-Go game set

7. Anytime Milk Mints

8. Wife Beaters

For the Kids

koreanpackbaby copy

1.방귀대장뿡뿡이 (Capitano Fart according to Google Translate or Fart Bowel according to Youtube)

2. toddler leggings from Dongdaemun

3. cloth diapers

4. shirts from Dongdaemun

5. lots of newborn onesies

6. Angry Birds floaty ring (this one is actually from Finland)

7. Pororo Floaty car

8. newborn unisex baby outfit

9. newborn baby blankets

For the Lady

koreanpackajumma copy1.scarves

2.eyebrow razor

3. mascara (Etude House?)

4. strawberry hand cream from Tony Moly

5. “Moleskin” notebooks

6. pencil case

7. planners

8. samples (aka “service”) from Tony Moly

9. Albatross Powder Sun

10. Essence Mask Collagen from Etude House

11. notebooks

12.waxy highlighters

13. jewelry sachets

14. milk hand cream from Tony Moly pins

16. Angry Birds pencil case

17. stickers

18. Pororo crayons

And so all three of my suitcases headed to N. America on Friday.

*Also note, this is not including their clothes and other last minute purchases. I’m not really sure how much shopping went down at Duty Free.



Map Stamen

Helsinki by Stamen

As a child, I was kind of crazy about two things; becoming a child actress and airports. I’m now 28, so becoming a child actress is pretty much out (if you have a time machine, please message me), but I DO visit airports often.

Quality Hunters

Last weekend, Quality Hunters invited me and 10 other AV geeks/travel lovers to Helsinki to attend a #QHworkshop.

For two days, we drank copious amounts of coffee and ate chocolate until we had stomach aches, but the results by Sunday evening were worth it all! And I’ve never had so much fun working so hard.

The first workshop of the season’s theme was “At Home.”  We spent hours trying to  get a better understanding of us (including you) by opening up about our hopes/dreams/fears and figuring out what makes us go.

And by day two, we were ready to become idea engineers, coming up with all sorts of awesomeness. I won’t give away too much– that’s what surprises are for, right?

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of ideas come out of the next round when the Quality Hunters discuss “At the Airport.”

I’d like to encourage anyone who travels to get involved in these discussions. This is your chance to help make a difference in travel.

Join the discussions on Twitter, Facebook, or on the blog.