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In case anyone has wondered where I’ve been this last month and a half, I’ve been in Korea’s countryside somewhere south of Seoul shooting stills and capturing behind the scenes footage for a movie. Now with only a week left in S. Korea, I’m trying to see some sights I haven’t seen yet.

I’ve been wanting to experience Seorak Mountain for a while now and I couldn’t leave without at least seeing it. The 3+ hour drive was lovely; mountains peered over small villages like curious children and a veil of fog danced through the valleys. For a moment, I was homesick for Mt. Rainier.

When we arrived, we took the cable car to the top and hiked to a lookout point. Like sprinkles on a cupcake, ajummas and ajossis decked out in brightly colored hiking attire trekked to the treeless tip with us.

One older gentleman was so blown away at the base of the the rocky point that he let out a good “YEEEEEOOOOHEEEEEE!”  I’m not sure if he was yelling out for the view or for the journey he took to get there. Either way, it was sweet and probably felt good to let it out just the same. I wished I had done the same, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Mountains should really have a designated spot for people to just yell out their frustrations/happiness with life. Now that I’m writing this, I’m curious what the average overall emotional status of a yodeler is.

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South Korea

Through the Holes


Last month, I went to Eurwangni Beach, or 을왕리해수욕장, near Incheon with my friend P. The rain came down like slow, lazy arrows. I expected the beach to be vacant; instead it was filled with families and college students splashing in the water and playing soccer. I suppose you have to make the most of precious vacation time — rain or shine.

We found an abandoned boat resting on the beach. I wanted to climb inside and explore, but unfortunately, being travel-sized does have a few drawbacks. Instead, I settled on peering through some peek holes. I didn’t find treasure, but I did appreciate the rust and sky color combination.

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South Korea

The Farm

We have just one full month to go until we turn this little plot of land into a movie set – complete with a few lights, a camera, and some action. A few weeks ago, we drove down to the farm to do some location scouting at the nearby town and also to do some much needed cleaning, but there still seems to be soo much work to do.

Making movies is not glamorous.














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What’s in their Bag?

My boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law were visiting Seoul for the last month. During their stay, they managed to replace the post office for a majority of their family members. With each visit, they generously received something else to add to their suitcases. Good thing they didn’t pack much on their way here.

I was really curious to see what exactly would be packed in the bags, so we set everything out.


For the Man


1. 5 pounds of homemade Miyok

2. button up shirts from the street markets

3. wooden logs for health (good for massaging parts of your body)

4.Wormwood Moxibustion devices

5. Man Bag

6. 고스톱 or Stop-Go game set

7. Anytime Milk Mints

8. Wife Beaters

For the Kids

koreanpackbaby copy

1.방귀대장뿡뿡이 (Capitano Fart according to Google Translate or Fart Bowel according to Youtube)

2. toddler leggings from Dongdaemun

3. cloth diapers

4. shirts from Dongdaemun

5. lots of newborn onesies

6. Angry Birds floaty ring (this one is actually from Finland)

7. Pororo Floaty car

8. newborn unisex baby outfit

9. newborn baby blankets

For the Lady

koreanpackajumma copy1.scarves

2.eyebrow razor

3. mascara (Etude House?)

4. strawberry hand cream from Tony Moly

5. “Moleskin” notebooks

6. pencil case

7. planners

8. samples (aka “service”) from Tony Moly

9. Albatross Powder Sun

10. Essence Mask Collagen from Etude House

11. notebooks

12.waxy highlighters

13. jewelry sachets

14. milk hand cream from Tony Moly pins

16. Angry Birds pencil case

17. stickers

18. Pororo crayons

And so all three of my suitcases headed to N. America on Friday.

*Also note, this is not including their clothes and other last minute purchases. I’m not really sure how much shopping went down at Duty Free.