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Marshmallow Powered Plane


Big Hair, Big Ideas

Niki makes art

I might be up to something bigger than my Dolly Parton inspired hair I had as a child — or maybe not that big.

But I have been pouring a giant glass of creative juice and gulping it down daily, so stay tuned.

Y’all come back soon now, ya hear?


Earlier I mentioned how much I adore picture books. I’ve just discovered Ollie & Moon.

Ollie & Moon are joining my global kid literature collection. I really adore books that take readers to new places. With sweet illustrations mashed up with photographs from the streets, Ollie & Moon really seem to take their readers with them on their adventures. Such a wonderful way to encourage children to be global citizens.

Ollie and Moon are adventure finders who love surprises (Me, too!).

And these cats have already visited Hawaii, New York, and Paris (Me, too!).

I absolutely adore picture books. I stumbled upon the book trailer for “Lawn to Lawn” the other day when I was reading Mr. Schu’s blog.

This story follows lawn ornaments who were left behind as they go on a trip around North America to find Pearl.

I really enjoy finding books that encourage children to explore, so I’ll be sure to let you know what other travel treasures I find for the kinderhearts.

My first passport. Age 5.

Italy bound!


Passport Pretty