Just in Front

In Kyoto, Japan, I noticed four things.

1. The city is immaculate. I’m convinced that even cars wear indoor slippers in order to prevent from dirtying the bright, crisp lines in the streets. In Korea, if I walk the streets with sandals, I have come to terms with the fact that my feet will be black and there is nothing I can do about it. Caveman feet don’t exist in Kyoto. I walked the city for hours, and when I returned, my feet were cleaner than if I had rinsed them off from a shower in Seoul (but that’s because of dust bunnies– more explanation later on that).

2. After coming from Seoul, roughly 1.5 million people seemed like nothing. When I first arrived, I wondered if we came during a holiday. I felt like the city was empty most of the time and hardly witnessed or experienced a traffic jam. Although that last claim isn’t actually fair since I only rode in a taxi once. Just ignore that bit. But it was pretty quiet most of the time.

3. Kyoto has maybe one of my favorite city color palettes I’ve ever seen in real life. I like Hong Kong, too. But Kyoto had a lovely burnt orange, warm bisque, and cyan accented with black and dark brown beams — almost like framing a masterpiece.

4. Lastly, wifi is not as accessible as it is in Seoul. It was nice to be unplugged, even for just a moment. Commuters spent their time reading books, while people at restaurants actually ate their food and chatted with their dining companion.

Just the holiday I needed.






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2 thoughts on “Just in Front

  1. HI Niki
    I couldn’t fine a contact button on your website but am a fan of your blog and your writing. I wanted to wanted to share a project that my fiance and I are working on as I thought you may be interested in it as it is travel related and touches on the subject of responsible travel. It is about the trash problem after the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan Thailand. We are trying to raise some funds to finish the short documentary and thought you may be interested in it. Please feel free to share this Kickstarter with anybody that may be interested.
    Thanks and keep up the great writing!
    Benjamin Jones

    • Hello Benjamin,
      Thanks! 🙂
      I just checked out your Kickstarter for the documentary you’re working on. I definitely think this is an issue that needs more awareness, and I will gladly pass this along. I just shared this with my friend from Oriental Voyage (in Thailand) and he seemed pretty interested in your project. Thank you for sharing it with me and good luck raising funds. I’m also working on a film, so I know that every little bit counts.

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