South Korea

Wait for the Summer


Summer was the bullying older sister and kicked spring out of the top bunk. Rude!

And for me, summer in Seoul equates to picnics by the Han River, riding bikes, monsoon season, freezing on the subways and popsicles.

So to start things off properly, we trekked down to Mangwon Hangang Park. Along the way, we picked up some pizza from Pizza School (the best pizza deal on the peninsula). The walk was longer than anticipated, but on the upside it was so hot outside that we didn’t need to worry about the pizza getting cold.

We picked a vacant spot amidst a sea of tents and set up our pizza party. We also packed sangria which was more like vin chaud. I guess that’s also delicious, but it kind of made me wish I was somewhere where that would be an appropriate beverage to drink.

Also, I learned (actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve known this. Maybe “remember” would be a better word) that if you think it’s a nice day, the rest of the city probably does too. That means they’ll likely be wherever you are. I often feel like I’m playing the children game “Sardines.” I try to hide from the city, but wherever I go, the city comes with me.

Good thing I still love company.













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