South Korea

Late Bloomers

Seoul’s spring has been pretty unpredictable, to say the least. I’ve been anticipating the cherry blossoms since I landed in February. While many people around the world have already enjoyed their blossoms, ours are running a tad behind. Perhaps they are just getting extra pretty–like they are going on a hot date.

Just making sure things look good before they make their appearance.

It seems the Seoulites have taken it upon themselves to add some green life to our streets. Thank goodness for potted plants.





I went to Yeouinaru Station on Monday hoping to avoid the sea of couples, families, tourists and pretty much the rest of the city who all had the same goal-find some cherry blossoms.

Well, there were definitely no crowds. However, there was also a lack of blossoms. I wonder if our moody weather has much to do with this.



I did manage to find ONE pink tree!

000019Until next weekend!


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