South Korea

The Seoul I See

North of the river- Niki

I haven’t had very many opportunities to visit the middle of Seoul since I arrived at the beginning of the month. Therefore, my view of the city has been without the “famous” Namsan Tower. I’m okay with this, really. I usually prefer the bread of a sandwich over the peanut butter + jelly anyway.

And so I’m left with a maze of rectangular pastels.


travel with care

I often daydream about being a postcard or a care package. I wonder what kind of adventure I would have and I’d love to see the look of joy on the receiver’s face as they open their mailbox.

I’ve considered attaching a video camera to a package and mailing it to a friend, but technology like that is expensive. Instead, I decided to mail myself.


I didn’t go very far. I went from Toronto to Calgary, but it took me a week. Since it’s winter, I guess it was cold. I like to imagine that I traveled by moose while snacking on maple syrup snacks.

South Korea


Hugging my box of tissues in the backseat with one hand, I covered my eyes with the other. The car began to glide along the icy narrow bridge in a zigzag and I was almost certain that we would roll down the hill. I couldn’t help but think about how much of a waste it would have been coming back to Seoul if we had succumbed to this brutal winter only after arriving two days prior. Fortunately, we made it to the old dairy farm, but it wasn’t easy. My arms are still sore from pushing the car out of the snow.

It was worth it. And even though the road conditions weren’t ideal, the ride offered a lovely snow-covered backdrop. The trees looked like they were wearing sweaters.

Most people try to stay off the roads after it snows, but we have a movie to make and time is precious. Location scouting was the first thing on the list. Actually, not so much scouting since this movie was written with this farm in mind, but we needed to assess what kind of work needs to be done. And by the look of things, I think we have a lot to do.